Is it tasty, fun and practical for cheeky adventures? Then it must be a Googly Fruit!

Hello we are the Googly Fruit and we are on a mission to help kids make friends with fruit and veg.  We stand for yummy snacks for on-the-go that encourage children to become the biggest fruit and veg fans.

How? By combining 100% organic fruit and veg recipes with fun packaging and characters! And Abracadabra… Charlie Corn hooks up with Carl Carrot to make crunchy puffs, meanwhile Suzie Strawberry is transformed into a crunchy fruit snack, and the rest of the Googly Fruit crew get together to make yummy squeezy pouches.   Naturally we don´t like nonsense so you won´t find any added sugar, preservatives or flavour enhancers in any of our snacks.