A new Googly Fruit Team Member

My name is Isa and I’m a member of the Googly Fruit since January 2015. I’m an educated business woman for marketing communication and I’ve studied business administration with focus on human resources and organization. Besides, I’ve worked for several start-ups as a student employee, so that I’m concerned with the structure of companies like the Googly Fruit, which I want to improve with my knowledge and experience.

As an office manager I’m mainly responsible for accounting. Moreover, I have to care about a positive work environment, so that the staff feels comfortable and happy. I love my range of functions, because it’s rich in variety and includes new aspects every day. In order to fulfill all my tasks in time, I can completely work off my preference for excel charts and to- do-lists. Since I like it to care about other people, my work at the Googly Fruit motivates me a lot – on the one hand, because I can support the other employees by ordering office supplies etc., on the other hand, because I know that I’m working for a company which has the aim to improve healthy nutrition of young children. Due to the fact that it’s a young company, you can catch a lot of things from other departments and all employees work together as a well-performing team to achieve the companies targets combined with fun and enthusiasm – the spirit is really magnificent and catching!

The personal and technical development of every employee is very important at Googly Fruit, so that you won’t even forget your free time at home. When I come home after work, I like jogging, spending the weekend together with my cats on the sofa or cooking in my kitchen.

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