Upcycling and cultivating: DIY cress in squeezy pouches is so easy to do and a lot of fun. Watching your cress grow about an inch in less than 4 days is exiting. And the best thing is that YOU can “harvest” it, you don’t need your mommy or daddy to help you!

How you do it?

First of all, you need

– only a handful of cotton from the grocery store

– one small bag of cress seed from the next organic store

– a small pot, a plastic bottle or 3-4 empty squeezy pouches (if you want to do an upcycling project!)

– a glass of tap water


If you got all your stuff, you can start growing your cress.

– Take the empty squeezy pouches and your little handicraft scissors and cut them in a half. You leave the bottom part smaller than the upper part, it needs to be around 3 fingers high. Then you wash them, so there wont be any fruit puree left inside.

– Take the cotton and put a third of your handful inside the pouch so 3/4 of it will be filled with cotton.

– Then you take your glass of water and pour some water inside the squeezy pouches. The cotton will shrink and still needs to be 1 fingernail high inside the pouch when it is wet. If it is less than one finger width, just take more cotton and pour some water again. The cotton should not “swim”, but be wet.

– Then take the cress seeds and sprinkle ca. 30 seeds into one pouch.

– Now you place your little garden-to-be on a sunny spot inside, keep it wet every day….

– And now: wait and watch! After one night you should already see some green spots in the pouch and after 3 days, the cress will already grow really quickly! After the fourth day, you can “harvest” the cress with your little handicraft scissors and decorate your sandwich or your soup!  Yummyummy!