Hi my friend,

it’s Carl Carl Carrot speaking. Today I want to show you how to create nice fruit and veg bookmarks. I am sure (even if you can’t read yet!) you have your favourite books! At home, your parents will read it to you… or maybe your big sister. Or you open it yourself and look at nice pictures or a painted story for kids! But sometimes your parents forgot on which side they stopped last time when they read the book to you?

I can tell you a nice solution to this very common problem! It’s called BOOKMARK!

My friends from Googly Fruit thought a little and we tried out a few characters, until we decided that carrot and corn would be the coolest characters for little bookmarks.

You just need

– handicraft paper in orange and in yellow and also some green paper for our funky hair dresses

– your little scissors for kids, not too sharp

– a pen

– some glue

– googly eyes to stick on the paper

– some imagination and a lot of creativity!  But that shouldn’t be the problem, right?

How you do it:

– take the yellow paper and draw a corn without his hairdress on the paper

– take the scissors and cut it out

– use the green paper to draw some leaves as hairdress and cut it out

– take your scissors and cut right into the corn for the little “nose” which will separate the book pages

– glue the corn leaves as hairdress on the corn body

– repeat the same with the orange paper and just draw a carrot instead of a corn body, all other steps are the same

– also draw some funky hairdress for the carrot on the green paper and cut it out

– then glue the hairdress on the carrot

– the last step is to stick the googly eyes onto the carrot and the corn! Done?

It wasn’t easy, right? But hey, you can do the same procedure with almost all of my friends form the Googly Fruit Family!!

See you later,

Your Carl Carrot