Hi there,

it’s me, Lisa Lime! I am so exited! Why? We just received our new Googly Fruit Pins from our friend Manuela. Hello Manuela!!! Thank you so much!!

We gonna wear them in London! Yes, that’s right, the Googly Fruit go on tour!!!

In the end of the week, we will drive all the way from Berlin in Germany to London in the United Kingdom. That is a very long way, but I am going with two of my friends: Sebastian Sweet Potato and Franzi Fig. They are coming to join me on my trip! Together we will talk to interested people in London Olympia at Fine Food Fair 2015 and proudly present all of our kids snacks made with fruit and veg.

In London, trade can get to know us and have first contact with me about sales in to the UK. We will present our yummy products to the people, huiiii that is so exiting!

If you want to have a look at our product range, you can browse our product page on our website. There you will find products from squeezy pouches to freeze dried fruit crisps!